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Product List

Product List

  • Ultrasound Weight Loss Machine

    Ultrasound Weight Loss Machine

    Ultrasound Weight Loss Machine
    Two year warranty
    Life long technical support

  • Detox Foot Bath

    Detox Foot Bath

    Detox foot spa, detox machine,
    Effective detoxification,
    Enhances body' ability to detoxify.

  • Detox Foot Spa

    Detox Foot Spa

    Inoic detox foot spa 
    Dual LCD screen display 
    With bamboo infrared belt

  • Cryolipolysis Machine

    Cryolipolysis Machine

    Freezing slimming machine
    New product,Frozen melt fat
    Cavitation break fat

  • CDT Machine

    CDT Machine

    Adopt the most advanced technology
    Beautiful and easy packing
    Strive to meet the requirements

  • Home Laser Hair Removal

    Home Laser Hair Removal

    Mini design for home
    More cheap price
    Easy and safe to use

  • Derma Seta

    Derma Seta

    9 accessories for body spa treatment
    Painlessly removes hair
    Exfoliate dry skin

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