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Body Fat Analyzer

Body Fat Analyzer

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GHL8 Body Fat Analyzer

1.MIni Body Fat Analyzer
3.output value 25 item
4..8 points contact type electrode 
5..3 different frequency

Body Fat Analyzer - GHL8,using multi frequency bioelectrical impedance measuring principle, and 8-point touch electrode method ,test bio-impedance of various parts&various elements of body , analysis on human health (including weight, protein, fat, moisture, salt, waist to hip ratio, etc). It can providing scientifically valid data for control weight, lose weight, slimming, nutritional balance and muscle training, diagnosis of disease . The instruments with analysis of body composition analysis, muscle fat, obesity, health assessment, analysis and other functions,Widely used in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, fitness weight loss slimming centres, fitness clubs and other fields

Wholesale Cheap Body Fat Analyzer for Home and Salon use
Wholesale Cheap Body Fat Analyzer for Home and Salon use

Machine Description:
Display screen: 5.1×5.1cm  LCD 
Power supply:4 AA batteries(Manganese batteries or alkaline batteries) 
Spring cable:1800mm 
Maximum load weight:150KG 
Result classification:lower/low/standard/high/higher 
External Dimensions: 35×34×5CM 
Constant current measurements:0.5mA ,50KHz 
Packaging Dimensions: 39×38×7CM 
N.W: 2.5KG      
Packaging Size: 39×38×7CM 
Material: acrylic
Color: white 

Wholesale Body Fat Analyzer for Home and Salon - WDM Beauty Supply.

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