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Professional Breast Enhancer

Professional Breast Enhancer

Detailed Info

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DM-X907 Professional Breast Enhancer

1.Breast enlarger and care 
2.Adjust endocrine 
3.Breast Massage


This is a very effective equipment for breast enlarger and breast care, with functions of vacuum and release, vibration massage, photon therapy and micro-current stimulation.
1. Vacuum and Release
Vacuum and release with special massage by hand is the basic and effective way for breast enlarger. 
Breast will be stimulated a lot by regular movements of vacuum and release, to excrete estrogen actively by woman’s own body. And the surrounding fat will be gathered to enlarge the breast. Besides, lymphatic system will be improved effectively to get rid of toxin and make breast firm.
2. Vibration Massage
Regular vibration can actively exercise muscle, stimulate and accelerate circulation of blood and lymph, making breast firm with energy.
3. Photon Therapy
Photon treatment can promote absorb of essence to breast, helping a lot to tender and smooth skin.
4. Micro-current Stimulation
Microcurrent treatment is a traditional and very effective way for skin whitening and lifting. It stimulates indepth cells to improve regulation energy to decompose and dilute skin melanin, provides energy and promotes regeneration to improve firmness and elasticity, helping replenish water to retain moisture.

Technical Data:

external dimensions 48*32*12.5cm
package dimensions 57*41*40cm
net weight 6.0kg
gross weight 8.0kg
voltage 100-240V
power 120W
vacuum 0.1MPa


Main machine 1pcs
breast cups 6pcs
cup electro connection wire 2pcs
vacuum pipe 2pcs
Glass vacuum bottles 8pcs
Power wire 1pc
Fuse 2pcs
User manual 1pc


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