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IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

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DM-E20 IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

I. Theory of e-light ipl
It's the new generation of beauty equipment, it combines with the functions of optical energy and electromagnetic waves. It adopts elective absorption of light, which could get different impedance between target tissue and abnormal skin. It could strengthen absorption of electromagnetic of target tissue in the condition of lower light energy, which could greatly reduce painless during treatment.
I. Theory of ng laser
Eliminate spots, remove tattoos: The specific laser wavelength will effect on and melanin of epidermis and dermis. The pigments will begin to swell and explode to tiny particles after absorbed this high energy laser. One part of them will be shot out of the body, the other parts will be gradually removed by metabolism.
Tighten skin, contract big pores: Spread specific fine carbon on face, after absolutely infiltrated in pores, then to shoot, it's easily burst the carbon particles to break out the spots and cutin of epidermis. The heat will stimulate regrowth of collagen, to tighten skin and shrink pores.

Treatment Scope: 
1. Remove freckle, sun spot, age spot and acne; 
2. Shrink the dialation of facial vascular; 
3. Skin rejuvenation: Smooth skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines, restore flexibility and tone of skin 
4. Hair removal: Remove hair on any area of the body; 
5. Skin tightening and reduce deeper wrinkles; 
6. Reshape the face outlines, body figure reconstruction; 
7. Enhance skin metabolism, skin whitening; 
8. Resist face and body to become decrepit
9. tattoo removal. 

Laser Functions:
1.1064 nm:treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color black, dark brown, cyan,bluish violet ,remove tattoo . but also can remove birthmark ,warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect. 
2. 532nm: treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color red, light brown, red is relatively slow. remove tattoo . but also can remove birthmark ,warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect.
3.BD-LS: shrink pores, balance grease secretion, tightening remove fine lines, the treatment of black head, acne, rough skin, light epidermis blain blain to print.

DM-E20 IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine - Advantages: 
A. RF energy can be applied to any type of skin; 
B. Used in deep color skin or light color soft hair 
C. RF combines with IPL, decrease the risk of burn and uncomfortatble feeling significantly; 
D. No side effect; 
E. Special designed ISL device can esure a safety treatment; 
F. Easy t o operate: The treatment tip is smart and can be applied on the skin directly; 
G. Patent epidermal cooling skill makes clinical more comfortable and safer; 
H. Highly Combined with RF and IPL technology; 
I. RF application separately supported over 30 thousand times IPL shot.
J. IPL, RF and ND YAG laser are well united in one system, cost-effective for Salons and hospitals. 
k. Good cooling system promising nice treatment effect. 
L. All most mature spare parts ensure the best quality for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin lifting and tattoo removal, etc. 
M. Our best design well welcomed by the terminal users, good quality, low cost and nice effect. 
N. For endogenous pigment: Nevus of Ota, coffee spot, age pigment, freckle etc removal. 
O. For exogenous pigment: Tattoo of body, eyeline and eyebrow.

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